Përshëndet të ardhmen.

Projekt i realizuar nga studio e arkitekturës OMA me qendër në Rotterdam, Hollandë, e krijuar në 1975 nga Rem Koolhaas.
Projekti do të jetë një stoli në qytetin e Tiranës, i cili do të krijojë vazhdimësi me pjesën ekzistuese të qytetit.



Mangalem 21 project its made by the OMA architecture studio based in Rotterdam, Netherland. Studio created in 1975 by Rem Koolhaas. The project, as the architects say is an ornament in the city of Tirana, in the same time merges with the existing part of the city, avoiding contrast and creating continuity. The project is a contribution to “colors of Tirana”. On its perimeter stays almost virgin white, and as soon as you enter it colors reveal, where each courtyard is identified with a color. In certain cases, the color is turned into painting, literally, giving an artistic sense for all the project.

Our standard already, Kontakt ltd standard, for a residential complex without cars on the surface has been welcomed and solved with elegance by architects. They propose 2 large underground parking spaces, and a lope path extending on the perimeter. 

Mangalem 21 is a unique opportunity to have an apartment build from the interconnection of so many professional experiences, interesting location that offers a fantastic view, challenging sloping terrain that brings light, air, visibility, life.


The complex lies in the East of Tirana, in “Ali Demi” neighborhood. At its northern end passes the fourth ring road, witch besides other existing roads gives residents the opportunity to reach any other point in the city in a matter of minutes.



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700 Euro/m2

1150 Euro/m2

500 Euro/m2